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5 Little Words That'll Get Your Toddler To Comply Without A Fuss

Don’t miss this one whatever you do if you have a toddler in your life or even an older child. It can also be used for adults when re-worked. Before I knew about this 5-word phrase, I felt like I was forever repeating myself and even getting angry before the toddlers in my life complied!

Of course, saying no isn’t at all unusual behavior for tots. They’re at a spot in their development where they need to rebel a bit in order to grow.

However, buses and doctors don’t wait and sometimes parents have to decide when it’s time to leave. But let’s not be disrespectful of their play. Instead, ask them this very important question with just enough time to spare.

Do you want to do it now or in 2 minutes?

We have to leave the playground and go home for lunch. Do you want to leave now or in 2 minutes?

Time for a diaper change, now or in 2 minutes?

Time to wash your hands for a snack. Do you want to do it now or in 2 minutes?

Then, make sure you set a timer for those 2 minutes so it’s clear that you’ll follow through. After the 2 minutes are up, do not make the mistake of more negotiation. If you do the 2 minute question will lose it’s integrity altogether.

Using this technique will actually save you time because 2 minutes is nothing compared to the time it’ll take if an argument or a temper tantrum happens. Use that 2 minutes to wrap up your goodbyes or prepare for your next step. It’s very important to really leave or follow through when you said you would.

I’ve been actually using this technique for well over 20 years and it does work, at least most of the time. Making sure your toddler isn’t tired or hungry can really help your odds.

If you want more tips weekly, and my really cool 21 page slideshow, How To Get Your Kids To Listen Without Yelling Or Time-Outs

Thanks so much for reading this today. Check out my blog post about How To Have A Great Day With Your Challenging Child if you like that idea.

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