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Raising The Bar in Early Childhood Education

Hello and Welcome! You are my favorite people in existence. Those who choose to care for our youngest regardless of the economic burden it causes in your life. You most definitely deserve much more!

That's why it's my goal to care for you.

I've been caring for and studying young children for over 40 years myself. I know that our work in early childhood has the potential to change the world. Here's why:

In the first few years of life, more than 1 million new neural connections form every second. After this period of rapid proliferation, connections are reduced through a process called pruning, which allows brain circuits to become more efficient. In light of these findings, focusing on early childhood only makes sense. -Center for the Developing Child, Harvard University-

This quote from a famous philosopher illustrates the point well.

I have come to a frightening conclusion.

I am the decisive element in the classroom.

It is my personal approach that creates the climate.

It is my daily mood that makes the weather.

As a teacher I possess tremendous power to make a child’s life miserable or joyous.

I can be a tool of torture or an instrument of inspiration.

I can humiliate or humor, hurt or heal.

In all situations it is my response that decides whether a crisis will be escalated or de-escalated, and a child humanized or de-humanized. Haim Ginott

Wow, that's a lot of responsibility! And most of us don't take that responsibility lightly. We're extremely intentional about what we do and say in the presence of young children.

That type of effort takes focus and clarity. Children learn by observation and they never stop watching us to see how they should react. That's how we teach emotional-regulation which leads to self-regulation.

It should be quite obvious that in order to care for others properly, we must feel cared for and listened to ourselves. It is certainly obvious to me. I wrote the following article in order to give you some motivation to actually take the time to give yourself some Radical Self Care. You deserve it.

In the meantime, I'm sharing my personal mantra with you just in case it helps you feel more centered and relaxed in your life and your work with very young children.

Want more ideas from Nanci?

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Early Childhood Rocks is a nonprofit organization dedicated to changing the world through early childhood education

Nanci J Bradley is an early childhood and family educator, author, teacher, family aerobics instructor, and an all-around fun-loving person. She believes in the power of sleep, healthy eating, lifelong learning, and most of all, PLAY! (click on the word) She studied early childhood ed at Triton College and received her BS in education in 1986 from NIU. She received her MA in human development from Pacific Oaks College in 2011. She lives and teaches in Madison WI.

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