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Do Not Ignore This Truth About The First Few Years Of Life

Would you rather live in a house with a strong foundation or one that stands on crumbling cinder blocks? If you would choose a strong foundation, think about how this applies to early childhood, especially the first few years of life.

This amazing 2-minute video from The Center On The Developing Child, Harvard University explains why the earliest experiences matter so very much:

Even with these scientific truths backing us up, those who nurture our youngest minds earn little in the way of money or respect. Childcare teachers make an average of 17. per hour compared to the 50. per hour that dog trainers make in the US. Full-time parents make nothing and working parents are forced to return to work way earlier than in most other developed countries.

Yet we expect those who care for our youngest to possess such traits as inner integrity, responsibility, excellent priorities, truthfulness, inclusivity, and even personal sacrifice.

People who have these attributes are still around although it seems to me they're harder and harder to find unless one knows where to look. I like to hang out with early childhood professionals and the parents who seek them out to care for their precious children. I find positivity and perseverance there.

And I believe that together, we can make a difference through the experiences we provide in the earliest years. Join us and learn more here!

If you ever search for the exact right words to say to young children to promote more understanding, less bullying, and more problem-solving behaviors, I've put it all together for you here. Examples include what to say when a child hits, tattles, procrastinates, or refuses to clean up their toys. Join us here to get your free copy. Join us now, this slideshow won't be free forever.

Nanci J Bradley is an early childhood and family educator, author, teacher, family aerobics instructor, and an all-around fun-loving person. She believes in the power of sleep, healthy eating, lifelong learning, and most of all, PLAY! She studied early childhood ed at Triton College and received her BS in education in 1986 from NIU. She received her MA in human development from Pacific Oaks College in 2011. She lives and teaches in Madison WI.

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