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Basic Brain Science

15-20 years from now, we'll be living in a society heavily influenced by those who are infants, toddlers and preschoolers today. So it's kind of important to look at the care they're receiving presently, to see if we're doing the best we can. Our future society depends on it. Here's why:

In the first few years of life, more than 1 million new neural connections form every second. After this period of rapid proliferation, connections are reduced through a process called pruning, which allows brain circuits to become more efficient. In light of these findings, focusing on early childhood only makes sense. -Center for the Developing Child, Harvard University-

We simply can't ignore this kind of research anymore. We have to look at the earliest years and the actual experiences children are receiving during this time. It's pretty important to do our best.

That's why you matter so much to the world. If you care for infants toddlers and/or preschoolers for any significant amount of time, you are instrumental in shaping the architecture of their brains.

Nanci J Bradley is an early childhood and family educator, author, teacher, family aerobics instructor, and an all-around fun-loving person. She believes in the power of sleep, healthy eating, lifelong learning, and most of all, PLAY!  (click on the word) She studied early childhood ed at Triton College and received her BS in education in 1986 from NIU. She received her MA in human development from Pacific Oaks College in 2011. She lives and teaches in Madison WI.

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