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Become an early childhood rocks VIP and get exclusive access to the one PLAN that's backed by science and 40+ years of real-life early childhood experience

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It's time you stop feeling like a babysitter or a lower class citizen when you speak about your chosen profession.   As a VIP member you'll be given immediate access to the tools you need to set boundaries with both young children and adults in our digital interactive workshop, All Together Now!  Playing Nice In Early Childhood The Significance of Empathy, Inclusivity and Boundaries, as Substantiated By Research.  This workshop has been approved by the Wisconsin Registry for 5.5 hours of continuing education units.

You Get:

  • 5.5 hours of empathy building activities in our on-line, interactive workshop  All Together Now!! Playing Nice In Early Childhood/The Significance of Empathy, Inclusivity, and Setting Boundaries As Substantiated By Research

  • When Toddlers Hit or Hurt, ebook by Nanci J Bradley MA

  • Automatic membership in the Magic Rock Club whose goal is to spread empathy by distributing unique works of rock art that carry our message of support for teachers and parents.



Once you're a VIP member you get unlimited access to everything in the VIP section and there will be more really great stuff for you soon, like an exclusive tutorial to create and spread your own magic rocks!

Something Different

We encourage sharing at early childhood rocks!  While your membership is your own and can't be shared, we want you to share our material  because as a non-profit, we aim to pay for our upkeep and spread the word!

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but, you ask, what would I do with a VIP membership if I decide to purchase one?

Here are a few ideas:

  • give it as a gift to your child's teacher

  • use it to validate your ideas on empathy and inclusion

  • use it as a staff training

  • use it as a parent/staff bonding

  • use it in a parenting book club

  • use it in a parenting support group 

  • share it with teachers and support staff to show your professionalism


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We wanted to offer this membership in a different way than most do. Since busy parents and providers do not need the hassle and cost of a monthly membership, we decided to offer a one-time fee which would allow you to remain a member forever with no added costs. Really.

The 5.5 hour interactive workshop is one of a kind.  It's written by an early childhood teacher, parent, grandparent with 45+ years of experience in the field and a Master's degree in human development

It's fun and includes hands-on experiences you can use right away with children and maybe even adults! for the training itself, you never have to leave your home. It's all online and can easily be viewed in 5-20 minute segments sandwiched into your busy day.

the material presented can be backed-up by research and science and that material can be shared.

The workshop is approved by the Wisconsin registry for up to 5.5 hour of continuing education credits.

our initial pricing was  99.99 for everything. That's a one-time purchase for a lifetime of support and ideas for VIPs who get it.

After realizing that our audience was composed mainly of parents and child care providers, we decided to see if there was any way we could make it work by offering the membership for 29.99. So we decided to go with that low one-time-only price initially and see what happens when people catch on.

And just in case our new price is still too much, we decided to offer a special price of
9.99 that will be available only on event days.  The event day for this month will be revealed in our blog which is published and sent to community members every Saturday.

At either price, you get the workshop, the E-book on hitting, the magic rock club membership, and everything else we choose to include in the membership area in the future.

Here's the secret.  keep on reading the blogs we send weekly to community members.  at the end of each blog, you'll find a number. That number is the code for the price drop.  On that day of the month or any day of an event we attend, the membership price will be just 9.99 but only on that day.  Take advantage and play the game.  we love to see dedicated parents and providers get a good deal.  you really do deserve it!

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