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write a script in python to read from csv file , then write into a new csv file .. then copy the file in a directory , in order to execute it. A: Python - Commandline interface Python's built in cli is pretty simple to use. You can see a good example here This is a simple script: import sys def main(argv): if len(argv) > 1: print("Usage: python3 filename.csv [options]") sys.exit(1) else: f = open(argv[1], "w") for line in sys.stdin: f.write(line) f.close() sys.exit(0) if __name__ == "__main__": main(sys.argv[1:]) Try running it like so: python /path/to/data/filename.csv Or you can run it directly like so: /path/to/data/filename.csv Once you know how to use the cli to process csv files you can move to sqlite and stuff. Loss of p53 protein in renal cell carcinoma correlates with grade and poor prognosis. The tumor suppressor gene p53 is commonly inactivated in many human malignancies. This report documents the immunohistochemical loss of p53 protein in renal cell carcinomas (RCCs) and its prognostic significance. Paraffin-embedded tumors of 157 patients with RCC were examined. Tumor material from 103 patients was evaluable for the evaluation of p53 status. Of these, 58 patients (55.2%) had clear cell RCC (Krukenberg tumor) and 45 patients (44.8%) had other RCC types (nephroblastoma, chromophobe, and papillary RCC). Immunohistochemical staining of p53 in the surgical specimen was compared with staining of the corresponding biopsy and was scored as negative, focal



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