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The man is far more than a hitman, as he has a past with military missions and some form of mental disorder. I have just finished reading Grant Morrison's book set in the series (the book is called Absolute Carnage and you can read it online), and I have to say, I was disappointed. It's not that I didn't like it (quite the contrary). I actually liked it quite a lot, but I think that the main reason I feel that way is because of the massive plot hole that Morrison had to fill. I don't know what it was that they did in the TV series, but I really hope that this movie doesn't just copy and paste the TV series and lose the plot hole, because the TV series was the first thing that grabbed me and made me want to keep watching it. Here's my review of the book, if you are interested. First of all, I think that the most important thing to note is that this is a prequel. It doesn't explain the plot of the TV series at all, so it's basically a pointless book, but it does show the background to the character Kenny. In this book, we are shown the real history of him. He was orphaned when his parents died in a car crash, and he was adopted by some criminals. The men also tried to make him into a hitman, but after he was refused, they decided that he was not suitable for the life of a professional killer, and that's where he was given a new life. He had no choice, his future was meant to be as a killer and nothing else. He had to spend his whole life thinking of his parents as murderers and killers, because he was told to from an early age that they had committed the crime for which they were going to be killed. One day, Kenny woke up and had an epiphany: he didn't know his parents at all. All he knew was that they were in the wrong, and that he had to do something to set it right. He had no memory of his parents, and that is why he felt so badly when he accidentally killed that blind girl in the street. He realised then that he never really knew his parents. He was just told that he had to do his job as a killer, and if he didn't, then they would kill him too. But that's not the end of it. As a kid, Kenny had been really fascinated with echolocation, and




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