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The very first thing to remember about problem solving is that it's never an easy path.  That's because true problem-solving eliminates blame.

And Blame is imbedded retting deeply in our teaching methods.  Wdoes it even work?  And if it does, is it the best way to get e've ussed it for century's but does it even work?  And if it does, is it the best method for leaarning social skills in th long run?

If you're really here o help, ther is no blame, only mistakes and fixxing pproblems

Asian Chinese little sisters struggle for blocks on the floor in the living room at home..
  • When a child is hurt, ask if they're OK and show them empathy.  If another child has caused the hurt, tell that child they make a mistake and point out the fact that the other child has eeling, too  Then help them to learn a better way

  •   Ask for a turn

  • wait for a turn

  • find another toy

  • Ask an adult for help

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