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the hand that rocks project


a non-profit organization dedicated

to promoting inclusive sensory

and emotional education 

what we do

  • we make beautiful rocks with oil pastels and glue
  • we display them, give them away and teach others how to make them
  • our rocks raise awareness that more sensory and emotional experiences need to be provided for young children
  • we sell rockits! to make it easy for you to get started making rocks and to raise funds for our events
  • Our events feature the best sensory and emotional activities for young children

why we do it

Mother and Baby on Floor
  • research proves that early childhood experiences matter greatly

  • By age 3 a child's brain has already reached 80% of its adult volume

  • multi-sensory and emotional experiences help connect the right neural pathways during early childhood

  • enhancing a child's sensory and emotional growth at this early stage is highly effective, helps them feel good, and reduces the need for more expensive interventions later on

  • Our organization's goal is to collaborate with others to create sensory and emotional awareness, activities, fun, reading, and relaxation to children and families everywhere

  • You can have fun, get creative, and help with that goal. MAKING ROCKS IS A CALMING SENSORY EXPERIENCE IN ITSELF and can work for any age.

  • try it here

Sweet Toddler
rainbow rock project social media

Making rocks is a quick, easy, paint-free,

 and rewarding family activity for all. You can easily find everything you need online or in your own art supplies but if you need a quickstart you can get what you need for your first few projects by clicking the link below. All proceeds go to helping young children learn about feelings and having fun! 

for you

Baby Sleeping

need to learn more about sleep?

stress relief

Children Meditating

pj family
dance party

African American mother and daughter pla
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